Howl's Moving Castle

April 05, 2022


Obviously, like most books, Howl’s Moving Castle is not for everyone. But I haven’t read anything as magical and fantastical as this story in many many years, reading this was a pure feel-good dose of comforting nostalgia. I read almost all of this book every night before I slept. It is the book I know I would have devoured at age 10. But Jones writes for all ages, in fact, at some points I was thinking about how cool it would be to someday read this with my own children.

This year I wanted to read books that I wouldn’t have gravitated to naturally. So when it came to fantasy, I had to trust my friend who is a voracious consumer of the genre. And one of the books she suggested I get started with was Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m terribly nervous and excited to Watch studio Ghibli’s film adaptation.

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