These Precious Days

June 09, 2022


I was mesmerized by Patchett’s writing when I read The Dutch House. So when I stumbled across These Precious Days I picked it up immediately. I got the audiobook and it was like listening to a dear friend talk about life. I especially remember the places I was at during certain chapters. The days I spent walking with Patchett in my ear were really special.

Patchett’s stories are intimate, full of warmth and brilliant writing. Her character development in the mere span of pages in these short stories is remarkable. With each essay, she progressively shares a bit more about her personal life. The title essay is a moving meditation on an unexpected friendship. Patchett truly opened the doors to her home, her mind, and her heart in these essays- and that is a beautiful gift for readers.

I’ve procrastinated for over a month to write about These Precious Days, hoping I could do some justice to the contents of this book. I’ve come to the conclusion that you will just have to take my word for how incredible this work is- because it truly is.

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