The Kite Runner

July 11, 2019


This book was one of my first non YA books. It changed the kind of books I reached for since then. It is a lovely story, heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. I have gone back to read it over the years it never loses it’s charm. It is my favourite of Khaled Hosseini’s books. It is a story about family, and friendship and the fine line that separates the two. The author describes Afghanistan with so much color, vividness and love that it was easy to picture myself besides the two boys running around in the neighbourhood.

My favorite quotes from this book are,

“For you, a thousand times over”. “And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.” “There is only one sin. and that is theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.”

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