The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

July 18, 2021


🚀 Summary

The boy is full of questions The mole is greedy for cake The fox is mainly silent and wary because he’s been hurt by life. The horse is the biggest thing they’ve ever encountered, and also the gentlest.

A lonely boy befriends a mole, a fox and a horse. Together they learn who they are and who they want to become and, in doing so, explore the feelings and thoughts that unite us all.

🎨 Impressions

A easy comforting read for a hard day. It’s written in a children’s book format complete with lovely illustrations. Turns out children’s books have the most greatest life lessons which are also the simplest ones. This one is a story about friendship, kindness for yourself and others, and gratitude- all the good stuff we need to be reminded of every now and then.

This free audiobook production on YouTube is lovely to listen to. So if you got 12 minutes to spare on a afternoon give this a watch.

🕵 How I Discovered It

On my internship I had a coffee chat with a really senior Director, I asked for a bunch of their favorite books. This was one of them.

✍️ My Favorite Quotes

I need to be reminded of this multiple time a day.

“What do you think is the biggest waste of time?” “Comparing yourself to others”, said the mole.”

This one spread a smile across my face.

“What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said? asked the boy. ‘Help,’ said the horse. ‘Asking for help isn’t giving up,’ said the horse. ‘It’s refusing to give up.”

And this one made me almost tear-up.

“So you know all about me?’ asked the boy. ‘Yes.’ said the horse. ‘And you still love me?’ ‘We love you all the more.”

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