Such a Fun Age

January 14, 2022


🚀 Summary

In her debut novel, Such a Fun Age, Reid explores themes like privilege, race, adulthood, and family through stereotypical characters and quick-witted dialogue. The story unfolds from two female perspectives. Alix is caucasian, upper-middle-class, and successful. And Emira, an African American struggling in her mid-20s. One day when Emira is on babysitting duty with Briar at a grocery store she is racially discriminated which leads to a series of tragic incidents.

🎨 Impressions

I listened to the audiobook, I enjoyed the narration, and Briar’s tone bothered me (which I believe was the intention). In particular, I enjoyed the friendship Emira shares with her girlfriends, Emira’s discussions (with Kelly) and private musings about the predicament of her race, Alix’s yearning to befriend and please Emira, and of course Briar’s eccentric personality. Finally, bias (racial bias in particular) can be subtle. It can be the hubris of assuming what’s best for someone else. (Enjoyed this review).

🕵 How I Discovered It


✍️ My Favorite Quotes

“I think it best we went our separate ways, and that those paths never crossed again.”

“And some days, Emira would carry the dread that if Briar ever struggled to find herself, she’d probably just hire someone to do it for her.”

“You’re not better than anyone,’ she said, ‘when you hang up your own coat and take your plate to the trash. I’ve been those girls helping out tonight. I fucking am those girls helping out tonight, and you’re not making anything easier by giving them less to do. It’s like eating everything on your plate ’cause you think someone else won’t go hungry if you don’t. You’re not helping anyone but yourself.”

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