Remains Of The Day

September 25, 2020


I enjoyed this book so much! Wonderful prose and a beautifully compelling story. It transported me to another time and place- I adore how the author describes the details of the British countryside mansion. The author conveys a beautiful message very subtlely through Stevens the Butler. It’s a book that touches on the themes of blind loyalty, a life spent striving for perfectionism, withholding emotions at the risk of seeming unprofessional.

I truly felt for Stevens towards the end of the book. He lived his life as best he could in line with his principles and never lost sight of his life’s purpose even at the near end. As humans, it is not easy for some of us to find our purpose and hold onto that. I have struggled with this personally.

My favorite line is towards the end and it says “the evening is the best part of the day”. And with that, this book left me with a lot to reflect on.

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