Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking

January 30, 2022


🚀 Summary

Syed makes a solid case for cognitive diversity- that hearing all of the voices definitely does make a difference. An idea that is reduced to political correctness these days. Through compelling anecdotes, Syed attempts to illustrate the impact of greater cognitive diversity. Rebel Ideas is about an urgent need. Syed pulled together a number of theories and anecdotes into one coherent narrative- every now and then referring back to them. The case studies are compelling and memorable. The book was understandable and relatively easy to read. Ultimately, for me, the success of the book is that (and I hope) I have a greater degree of awareness about cognitive diversity in various groups I’m a part of.

🕵 How I Discovered It

From the bookclub.

✍️ My Favorite Quotes

“perspective blindness’. This refers to the fact that we are oblivious to our own blind spots. We perceive and interpret the world through frames of reference but we do not see the frames of reference themselves.”

“When you are surrounded by similar people, you are not just likely to share each other’s blind spots, but to reinforce them. This is sometimes called ‘mirroring’.”

“If we are intent upon answering our most serious questions, from climate change to poverty, and curing diseases to designing new products, we need to work with people who think differently, not just accurately.”

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