Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

June 06, 2022


Sometimes I’ll read a book, especially shorter length books like this one that make me feel somewhat out of place when it’s time to share my opinions. Something about the platitudious ‘love yourself’ makes me want to cringe. I cringe at the title of this book and also cringe at myself for having read it. In addition, given that this book is categorized ‘self-help’ the cover is questionable to say the least. But since I have read it here is a well procrastinated review.

I liked this book. I even dared to assign five stars to it, which is obviously subjective- but the bottom line is “how did reading this book make me feel?“. The combination of being a short read, picking it up at a time when I wasn’t saturated with similar content, and some degree of relatability with the author’s predicament made this book work for me.

The narritive follows a familiar self-help trope. It is a short enough book to read and decide for yourself if it was helpful or not. However, if a lot of your reading consists of non-fiction self-help types perhaps you might not find this original and worthwhile.

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