It Ends With Us

March 28, 2023


A friend told me to read this book in 2021. It took me two years because a title listed under romance is not one that I gravitate to (it won the Goodreads Choice Best Romance award in 2016). It was a bit too corny and YA-like for me. Would I read another of Hoover’s books? I really don’t want to. It Ends With Us has a film adaptation in the works with Justin Baldoni as director, producer and lead- which is curious given the problematic storyline because why would someone want to take on this project? However, the book and its author are massively popular so there’s a lot of money in it I’m sure.

It’s been three weeks since I read the book and I’m still struggling to decide the way I feel about it. Hoover talks about her personal connection with the storyline which examines abusive relationships, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Yet the author’s connection with the story shouldn’t condone criticism. The book attempts to tackle heavy subjects disguised as a romance novel, which does not afford the nuances and depth necessary to examine those heavy subjects. Whether Hoover’s intention is to use trauma to advance the plot or include trauma to let readers feel seen and empowered is a matter of opinion.

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