I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life

April 29, 2020


I listened to the audiobook version narrated by the author herself and it felt like a conversation with a friend that ended too soon. She talks about the joys of reading and the miseries of being a reader. She talks about that singular book that made you absolutely love reading not because the book was a classic or popular or critically acclaimed, but simply because you were compelled to find out what happens next. She draws parallels in how enthusiastically imposing a book you loved onto someone can be the same as unsolicited advice- both are unwelcome and unhelpful. In another chapter, she talks about the authors who earn their readers’ tears. And I could not agree more, I adore those stories because I love myself a well-earned sob story.

While talking about the “Acknowledgements” section in a book Anne explains what it can reveal about the author’s journey and why she is a sucker for good “Acknowledgements” sections and why she reads it before begining any book. This resonated with me and I’m certainly going to do the same going forward.

Above all else this book made me feel validated as the reader I am. I might not read as much as to label myself a bookworm. And that is okay. I can be a voracious reader whenever I find “the” book for me.

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