Gently Falls The Bakula

November 24, 2021


Gently Falls The Bakula is a criticism of modern values and work-ethic, patriarchy, and discrimination conveyed through an unassuming but moving plot. Murty writes without fuss and despite the simplicity, it is poignant.

A friend recommended this book. I read it on a 15-hour long flight swapping it every now and then for The Little Prince, meals, and naps. I couldn’t wait to land so I could look up a picture of the Bakula flower and confirm whether or not I had seen it before- I hadn’t. Gently Falls The Bakula is more than a cozy story, it reminded me of an important lesson- to choose for ourselves what brings meaning to our life and pursue that whole-heartedly. This quote sums it up.

“‘Shrimati, what are you thinking of?’ ‘My loneliness. Sometimes it is very depressing.’ ‘Shrimati, may I give you some advice? Hope you will not mind. One should have the basic happiness within oneself. That happiness comes from the kind of work one does whole-heartedly.‘”

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