November 01, 2021


🚀 Summary

So our protagonist is Cather Avery. She has a twin and they live with their single dad because their mum left them a long time ago. The book starts as the twins are settling into their rooms at university. Cather is upset that her sister chose to get her own room without Cather. Cather is reserved, introverted and a huge fan of the Simon Snow serious (a fictional series that is very close to Happy Potter?). And Cather is a serious fangirl because she anonymously writes a fan-fiction series called ‘Come On Simon’ which is extremely popular online.

The plot follows Cather as she struggles to adjust to her new life with an unfriendly roommate and said roommate’s charming boyfriend (but they aren’t official ?), and her professor who despises fan-fiction. Through this, she worries about her single dad and feels betrayed by her sister when she decides to move on from Simon Snow too soon and forgive their mother for leaving. Rowell weaves in the Simon Snow plot, Cather’s story, and Cather’s Simon Snow fan-fiction which I found confusing and I soon gave up on the Simon Snow parts altogether.

🎨 Impressions

The title alone made me reminisce about the dozens of young adult/ chick-lit books I devoured as a teenager- especially those ones on Wattpad! Good times. I thought my mind would have evolved its taste for this genre, so I almost expected it to be put down-able. But boy I was wrong! I enjoyed Fangirl and my only criticism is that I couldn’t care for the Simon Snow sections in the book.

Fangirl was a comforting story that I managed to breeze through in the audiobook format. It was wonderful because it was the end of autumn so I went on long walks to listen to the audiobook.

🕵 How I Discovered It

It was recommended by a friend.

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